10 Creative Ways You Can Use Bananas

A browning banana with black spots appearing here and there is never the sign of a bad banana! In fact that means it is ripe and succulently sweet. I personally love to eat every overripe banana I can find because they taste exquisite. But, if you like to be a little variant and try out different ideas and recipes below you will find everything you need.

1. Creamier Ice cream

You know what your ice cream needs? More creaminess. Welcome ripe bananas! Adding a few ripe bananas to your ice cream gives it the velvety texture you need. The taste, flavor and smell are huge plus points served by the side.

2. French Toast Addition

Start your day in the best way possible with a scoop of mashed ripe banana on your French toast. Mix it with cream cheese and top the toast with sugared nuts or chocolate chips for the healthiest and most delicious breakfast ever.

3. Cupcake Time

Bananas are said and proved to be very good for cake as they make it soft and fudgy. Especially when you want to make cupcakes and ensure they don’t fall apart or turn out badly.

4. Natural Sweeteners

When making a cake and needing to add a natural touch to it, use bananas. Pineapples and bananas are said to be legendary cake fruits. You can moisten the batter and make your cake super soft and smooth with these two magic fruits. Not to mention bananas are great for smoothies and milkshakes as well.

5. Breaky with Bananas

Whether it is cereal or cornflakes, maybe a smoothie…a banana will always go perfectly in the morning. Some golden raises and cinnamon bagels will really get you started with a great mood for the day.

6. Banana Split Transformation

Everyone just piles up raw bananas on the top of their banana split then eat it up. Take a different route to cuisine with this showstopper method. Add a good layer of cream cheese to your fudgy  banana cake and roll it up to the shape of a cinnamon roll. Chocolate sauce and whipped cream are special favorites of mine. Watch as hungry hands and mouths devour your ultra delicious dish.

7. Banana Bread

This recipe in detail shows you how to cook banana bread professionally and deliciously. You will hit no snags with this easy to cook recipe.

8. Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Crunchy, munchy and chew sweet oatmeal cookies will never ever fail you. Whether you need a snack or something to offer with tea for a guest they will always serve as the best option. Lindsay from LifeLoveandSugar has just the recipe you need.

9. Caramelized Banana Cake

You can put your cake in any mould and it will look awesome. So does this banana caramel cake.

10. Banana Donuts

You’ve heard of banana muffins, cakes, smoothies, juices, shakes now get ready for banana donuts. You can be very variant with what you add, whether it is nuts or even bacon as you can see in this recipe.


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